Dog salon specializing in small dogs. located in CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA.

A home-based grooming salon specializing in small dogs run by a Japanese groomer. teddy bear cuts, dental care, massage

About J's Dog Smile

J's Dog Smile is a small home-based dog salon in Cairns, Australia that specializes in styled grooming and teddy bear cuts for small dogs up to 7kg in weight. We offer a wide range of dog services including oral care and dog massage.


Hello! I'm Junko, the owner and dog carer. I operated my own home grooming salon in Gold Coast for 10 years. I was affiliated with  the Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club, and I was in-charge of Japanese training classes as an instructor. I am currently based in Cairns.


Based on my experience working as a nurse at a veterinary hospital and at a pet store in Japan, I try to provide dog care without putting any burden or stress on dogs as much as possible.

It's normal for dogs to be nervous when they come to visit us for the first time, but I feel so happy when I see how relaxed they are during my care after they coming several times. And when the owner come to pick them up, I would be very happy if I could hear them say "How cute!"

Furthermore, I love dogs and I find purpose in my life by touching and communicating with them.



About my personal life, I immigrated from Japan with my dog and cat over 20 years ago. I have experienced a stricter quarantine process for bringing animals compared today. Currently, I am a mom of 3 dogs, and I enjoy participating in 4 different dog sports with my little Yorkie. I hope more people can learn about the joy and fun of teaming up with dogs and taking on challenges. Obedience training is the basis of any dog sport, and it is one of my personal favorites.



Care servises such as shampooing, haircuts, nail clipping, and anal gland expression are performed with the utmost consideration so as not to burden and stress the dog.


An experienced dog dental hygiene specialist will provide oral care, from plaque control to tartar removal without anesthesia.


Just like people, muscle pain, arthritis, and body pain in dogs can be improved with massage.

Thank you for visiting J's Dog Smile

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    Hitomi Fletcher (月曜日, 15 1月 2024)

    Thank you so much for all your help over the past 7 years.
    I have been to several salons before, but yours was able to cut my moody Jah chan’s hair so beautifully and prettily always. I would love to go to Cairns as well.

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    a & moana (月曜日, 15 1月 2024 21:40)

    Thank you for always making our two doggies so beautiful and lovely here in Gold Coast⭐

    We hope you will make many dogs and their owners happy in Cairns too.

    We wish you the best of luck.

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    Tai (月曜日, 15 1月 2024 21:38)

    I requested Junko for the first time to groom my 5- month-old poodle, Toffee, after seeing many pictures of poodles on J's Dog Smile's website. I was not wrong in my choice. I was looking forward to picking up Toffy after every grooming. Not only my friends, but also the staff and customers at the café would say, "He's so cute! Where do you groom him?” She gave me satisfactory results for my requests at that time. It is a shame that Junko will be leaving the Gold Coast. The dogs in Cairns are very lucky to have Junko groom them! Thank you Junko-san for all your help. We wish you all the best in Cairns and hope you have a wonderful encounter with your lovely dogs.
    Yuri, Taka and Toffee

  • #1

    Anita (金曜日, 13 10月 2023 23:39)

    My dog Pumpkins went to Junko since his first cut. Junko grooming make him look so beautiful, neat and tidy and got lot of praise from other. We are so sad that we lost her to keep Pumpkin got such a beautiful grooming and we hope she can start a new life and lots of lucky doggies get her professional grooming. All the best and good luck in Cairns.