Cancellation policy

[Cancellation policy]


Cancellations made shortly before the reservation date are subject to a cancellation fee.


For cancellation made 3 days before the reservation date, no charge will be imposed. There is a 30% cancellation fee based on the services availed for cancellation made 2 days before the reservation date. Cancelling 1 day before the reservation date is charged with a 50% cancellation fee. Cancelling on the very day of the reservation date is subject to a 100% cancellation fee.



[How to cancel]


Please notify us by text of message. If SMS is unavailable, please use Messenger. Take note that your cancellation will only be effective once you receive a confirmation from our salon.



[Reason for cancellation]


Please tell us the reason of your cancellation. Cancellation fees may be waived depending on the situation. Providing false reasons may result into getting banned from availing the salon services in the future.



[Payment of cancellation fee]


Payment shall be coursed through bank transfer.Please send us the transaction details within the same day by text message. 

Non-payment will result into getting banned from availing the salon services.